My Mother’s Story – Cardiovascular Disease: Quick Update–Right Femoral Stent Insertion

White Rose_10% In her own words two days ago, my mother, Marie Bond, said:

“I’m doing okay. My arm hurts, but I think it is the clamps and it will feel better when he takes them out Wednesday. Betty is taking me for a 10 AM appt. I did manage to do a load of laundry today, so that was good. It is all folded and away. Tomorrow I will do towels. Getting around good and sleeping well so that is all good.”

After the surgeon removes the clips from her left arm today, Mom should be “free.” It is our fond wish that she will not need any further procedures and that she can return to her volunteer work at the hospital soon. Her friend Betty–who has been ultra-kind in taking her to various medical appointments–is also a hospital volunteer.

I’ll post another update if Mom has any news after her appointment today, but all seems to be well. So no news is good news!

P.S. OK, some news is good news: Mom just called and said the doctor removed the clips from her arm. He showed her the before and after films of her leg so she could see how much the stent improved her circulation. She doesn’t have to return to see him for six weeks–and at about that same time she can return to hospital volunteering after being off since her heart attack last March. Very nice!

For background, enter “My Mother’s Story” in the Search box to read about her stent procedure on November 25, 2013. More will be coming about her long battle with heart and peripheral artery disease this past year.


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