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Life Giveth, Life Taketh Away . . . and It Giveth Again

Spiral Clock

All things exist . . . somewhere in the misty, mysterious spiral of time.

Five years ago today, August 15, 2009, a Saturday, I met my sister for the first time after a 50-year separation. My Sister’s Story – Adoption & Reunion tells it all.

A year later, on that same Saturday, I visited my friend for the last time at Johns Hopkins University Hospital. She died just weeks later. My Friend’s Story – Leukemia relates a bit about our 50-year friendship and the powerful connection my friend had with my sister.

Yesterday, I posted My Son’s Father’s Story – Lung Cancer. He never knew my sister, but he did know my friend, back in a time when we were young.

After a week in which I’ve contemplated personal loss (as well as the precariousness of my own health), and a week in which the world lost two luminaries, Robin Williams and Lauren Bacall, it bears remembering that we live in a circle of life. Honoring my former husband and our son, his legacy . . . keeping in touch with my friend’s expanding family, her legacy . . . finding a sister after half a century of separation, destiny’s legacy . . . all are happy reminders of the cycle of birth, death, and life again.

These personal stories interconnect in a deeply meaningful way that, to me, seems cosmic . . . somewhere in the misty, mysterious spiral of time.