Important Announcement: A Heartless Hoax Exposed

I am very upset_cropped  Dear Readers,

Several times on this blog I have mentioned Emily, a young woman posting as “SeeGirlLive,” who said she was dying of both uterine and colon cancer. I followed her story for more than a year and was often brought to tears from sheer heart-wrenching compassion for her plight. 

To my shock and dismay, on Saturday, December 27, 2014 I discovered that “Emily” is not a real person and that her various blogs and social media were fake. As of now, they have all been deactivated, including her Tumblr blog “Living Life Loudly,” which was her most recent and now final site.

For information on the outing of “Emily”—who, unbelievably, appears to be a medical student at Morehouse College in Georgia—please see Warrior Eli Hoax Group – Emily Wilson. They report that her medical school ethics council has been informed of her cyber-crime activities (which include two separate fabricated tales about death by cancer that I know of). 

Words cannot express how betrayed the online community feels. We have been keeping vigil over a dying girl who does not exist except in the imagination of a very misguided and apparently mentally ill individual who has perpetrated a cruel and heartless cyber-crime. (It appears that this young woman is suffering from Münchausen by Internet.)

My apologies for unwittingly contributing to this hoax. Be assured that everything else I write on this blog is real and verifiable, and I will report any developments. A silver lining: At least my consciousness has been raised about Lynch Syndrome, a devastating familial cancer disease, from “Emily’s” posts. More people need to become aware of this devastating health problem. 

The Patient Path is committed to keeping you informed and safe as part of the Internet community seeking reliable information and support. Please come back soon for more actual stories intended to support you on your journey to enhanced health and well-being.

Best wishes to all for the new year,