Health Benefits of Yogurt


While my assistant, Little Miss Muffet, is helping me restructure ThePatientPath, she needs to keep up her strength. For this she frequently turns to curds and whey,* although my preference is plain vanilla yogurt. (I say this with apologies to the plant—and to the Aztecs—for using the word “plain” to describe vanilla: it does, after all, come from orchids, so in my book vanilla is exotic, luscious, and beautiful.)

Read more about the health benefits of yogurt, also called “curd” in India,* in this article mentioned on Facebook by Peri’s Spice Ladle: “Curd Benefits: Top Summer Diet Food.”

And do check Peri’s food blog, Peri’s Spice Ladle – Indian-Inspired Food for the Global Palate, for wonderful Indian and Parsi recipes. (I can’t let my Parsi husband see her site or he’ll never let me out of the kitchen.)

*“Curd” also describes cottage cheese, and is more akin to what Little Miss M. likes to eat—even when it’s runny with whey.

2 thoughts on “Health Benefits of Yogurt

  1. Don’t know if you will get this. Thought I would try. Love yogurt. Eat it every day. Very well written. Enjoyed it. Love, Mom


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