Words You Need to Know for Easter Sunday–the Day before “Maundy”??

The Last Supper - Wikipedia da Vinci’s Last Supper

Check out this interesting, informative, and fun site for a discussion of some words about Easter: INTERESTING LITERATURE.

But they left out “maundy,” a word that came up in my writing group yesterday when one member recalled her father confusingly referring to the day before Good Friday as “Mondy-Thursdy,” as it sounded to her child’s ears. Maundy Thursday is also called Holy Thursday and commemorates the night of the Last Supper, which, of course, was a seder because the events preceding the crucifiction and resurrection took place around Passover. “Maundy” is derived from either the Latin word mandatum, which refers to a phrase describing Jesus washing his disciples’ feet, or mendicare, which means “to beg” (see Wikipedia and Dictionary.com).

And I didn’t see a single mention of my favorite rabbit, Harvey, or his pal, Jimmy Stewart. To my great disappointment, TCM isn’t showing Harvey this April, although to its credit it is showing a great lineup of old blockbusters in the Easter and Passover spirit. (Click for TCM’s April weekly schedule.)

Harvey & Jimmy Harvey – Universal Pictures (1950) (USA)

Have a Happy and Blessed Easter. I hope you all find golden eggs.

I paid my Passover respects to my friend Sandee in yesterday’s post.


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